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What could you achieve if you felt engaged, motivated, and fulfilled—even when times are tough? How would you show-up differently for yourself, your team, and those you love if you felt calm, confident, and in control of your reactions and actions?


This is all possible! And it starts with learning how to manage difficult emotions, like stress, so they don’t derail you. 

Today, I share 9 science-backed techniques to eliminate stress, so you can achieve your bold ambitions regardless of what life throws your way. 

You can approach this transformation from two perspectives. The first perspective is the source of stress. You generate emotions like stress in two ways, each of which responds to different transformation strategies:


1.  Bottom-up, as the result of a subconscious response to an external stimulus. For example, the sudden sight of a spider crawling on you will likely trigger an immediate stress response in your body.


2.  Top-down, as the result of a conscious cognitive process. For example, an unexpected “we need to talk” text from your manager will likely trigger your brain to spin stories about the myriad reasons your manager wants to see you unexpectedly. When the stories you spin are negative, they’re likely to trigger a stress response in your body.


The second perspective is the timing and objective of the stress transformation strategy. There are reactive strategies you can use to mitigate a stress response in the moment. There are also proactive strategies you can use to increase your stress threshold or eliminate stress.

The chart below is your cheat sheet to eliminate stress.

Below, I provide more detail on each of the techniques, so you can put them into practice today.


Physiological sigh

What it is: A pattern of breathing of two inhales, followed by an extended exhale.

Why it works: This pattern of breathing offloads carbon dioxide, which allows our body to calm down and counter its stress response.

Additional resources: Huberman Lab overview


Bilateral stimulation

What it is: A practice of bilateral stimulation (e.g., rhythmically taping your thighs) that triggers the parasympathetic nervous system.

Why it works: This behavior reorients your attention away from the stressor and toward a calming sensation, which signals to your brain you’re safe and can begin countering its stress response.

Additional resources: Bilateral stimulation overview


Permission to pause

What it is: When you notice your mind racing along with other signs of a stress response (e.g., elevated heart rate), give yourself permission to step away from the stressor and calm down before you react.

Why it works: When you are in a stress response, you have less cognitive capacity to process the situation and make a conscious choice about how to respond. Pausing before you respond gives you time to counter the stress reaction, so you can more objectively process the situation and the choices available to you.



What it is: A 12-minute “free writing” exercise to quickly surface and process subconscious thoughts and emotions, so you can purge your stress-inducing thoughts and feelings.

Why it works: When you’re experiencing high stress, you have less cognitive capacity to identify, process, and move beyond stressors. This activity frees-up cognitive capacity by enabling you to surface and release negative thoughts and emotions.

Additional resources: PEW-12 overview


Wim Hof breathing

What it is: A pattern of controlled breathing that stimulates adrenaline and cortisol, thus simulating a stress reaction in your body.

Why it works: By simulating a stress reaction in a controlled environment and practicing remaining calm during that time, you train your body to remain calm when it experiences stress.

Additional resources: Wim Hof Method overview



What it is: A practice of calming the mind, cultivating attention and awareness, and strengthening the mind-body connection.

Why it works: It immediately works to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which tells your body it’s safe to calm down and release stress. Over time, it can also help you stay more present in the moment, which increases your cognitive capacity to perceive, process, and respond to situations from a place of choice.

Additional resources: How to manage stress with meditation


Remove internal blocks to success

What it is: A five-step process to identify and change the beliefs, mindsets, and internal narratives that create stress.

Why it works: Top-down stress is the result of narratives you create about situations. When you change those narratives, you can reduce or eliminate stress.

Additional resources: A five-step process to transform inner blocks


Leadership Mindset Blueprint

What it is: An assessment that sheds light on the unique set of mindsets from which you approach life, both on a good day and under stress, and an action plan to shift your mindset.  

Why it works: The mindset from which you approach a situation determines how you will perceive and react to that situation. When you shift your mindset, you also shift your thought and feeling patterns from ones that induce stress to ones that induce calm. Changing your mindset is one of the best ways to effortlessly reduce stress.

Additional resources: Master Your Mindset


Healthy relationships

What it is: Social connections or attachments to people, pets, and things that delight us.

Why it works: These connections, especially when they involve play and experiences of delight, trigger serotonin release. Serotonin mitigates the long-term aspects of stress.

Additional resources: Huberman Lab Podcast (jump to 1:06:30)


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